Inventus licenses Relativity as a Premium Hosting Partner.  This application is a fast and scalable e-discovery review platform that provides legal teams with easy, flexible ways to understand and take action on case data.

Features and Functionality


Pivot introduces completely new analysis functionality to Relativity that can be leveraged from the earliest stages of a case to the latter stages of issue review and deposition preparation.  Users can summarize all data in a case, displaying the results in a variety of ways, including clickable tables and charts.  The results are interactive, allowing users to drill into subsets of documents and take action, such as culling irrelevant documents, batching documents for review, and exporting a report of user findings.

Learn more about Pivot here.


Relativity incorporates concept search, categorization, and clustering features to improve the quality and reduce the time and cost of review.

Learn more about Analytics here.

Foreign Language

Relativity is a Unicode compliant review platform that is fully equipped to support review projects that include foreign language documents.

Learn more about Foreign Language functionality here.


Relativity provides tremendous flexibility to meet a variety of production requirements.  Users can define the Production Format and select from TIFF productions, native document productions, or a mixed-format production that includes both.

Learn more about Production features here.


Relativity incorporates a wide range of authentication protocols to support popular authentication schemes.  Relativity also supports an extensive set of security schemes across a wide-range of individual security levels.

Learn more about Security features here.

Case Studies

Inventus routinely recommends utilizing Relativity as the hosted review platform for many different reasons.  Read Inventus Case Studies that included Relativity in the project workflow.

Case Study: ESI Processing & Hosted Review

Relativity Certified


kCura offers great documentation on the Relativity platform for all different kinds of users. 

Here are a few key documents to reference:

      ** Best Practices – Tiffing                                      ** Load File Specifications Manual

      ** Certified Admin Workbook                              ** Searching Manual

      ** User Manual

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