Relativity Enhancements

Privilege Log Generator

Customers tell us that the creation of a privilege log is a cumbersome and time-consuming process—a task prone to human error and big fees.

Our privilege log generator streamlines the creation of the privilege descriptions and reduces the amount of quality control needed to identify and fix errors, thus saving time and creating efficiency.

With our privilege log generator technology, the privilege description is intelligently and automatically created, and issues such as spelling and grammatical errors are eliminated. Privilege log documents and their descriptions are consolidated into a central location where they can be further modified, previewed and then exported to Excel.

You can be confident that what you present to the bench is accurate the first time.


Advanced Logix

We often hear that inconsistency in coding protocol implementation and user comprehension creates coding inefficiencies, resulting in delays, unnecessary cost and extra quality control.

When working with Inventus, you can add more functionality to your coding forms, versus what is available in standard Relativity offerings. We are able to quickly setup these guidelines in order to put your review on rails.

Using this integrated technology, we are able to programmatically mirror the coding protocol. This technology allows us to easily and quickly add, modify and remove this functionality on the fly during your review, ensuring that all documents are reviewed properly.

By building your protocol into your coding form, you can be assured that your reviewers are coding documents properly and following the standards that you have put in place. This improves consistency, prevents conflicts and reduces the time spent on quality control, thus reducing your overall review costs dramatically.

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